The best way to remove and put your glasses so they don’t misfit

The best way to remove and put your glasses so they don’t misfit

September 02, 2020

Did you know that the biggest problem of damaged arms of your glasses is, generally, the fault of the user?


Crooked legs

The glasses that suffer the most are reading ones. Their legs break or open from putting them on and off, they get crooked. These glasses are used only for the computer, they leave and return to the face intermittently several times a day, the frame suffers but also the lenses get scratched.


Head diameter

From the ergonomic part, the glasses must adapt to the anatomical characteristics of the user. The heads are not the same and that’s why glasses must be tried on. They must fit correctly up to the curve of your ear.

There are people who wear their glasses on the head, but since the diameter is greater in that area, the frame opens and becomes out of square.


Useful life

Shelf life of the glasses is between one and a half to two years. This is a face accessory that needs to be changed, it's like a pair of shoes. Also check with your eye doctor, if you use prescription ones.


Balance test

To find out if the glasses you are wearing are in balance, with the glasses on, turn your head down. If the glasses are not in their right size or shape, they will fall off. Another way is to open the lenses and lay them on a flat surface. If it is balanced, neither leg will lift.


Never pull your glasses by the arms, with so many tugs the sections that make up the glasses break. The hinges burst, the screws fall off, and the bridge area may split in two… even though everyone takes off their glasses like this.


The best way to take them off is to put the thumbs and index fingers of both hands in the shape of a clamp and place them as close to the hinge as possible, which is the area of greatest strength. Then you have to bring them forward to maintain the shape, then fold them and store them.


For those of us that are in the outdoors or traveling, carrying the case is probably one of the things we always forget to carry. Glasskin was developed to protect your sunglasses when you are wearing them or not, as the only strap that transforms in a case.

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