Marathon Training - Week 11 & 12

Marathon Training - Week 11 & 12

January 18, 2021

It has been quite busy weeks, including travel and new projects... anyway, training has been going on (haven't skipped any day). Though I have been late to write...

During these two weeks, I have made the longest run ever (26K or 16.1 miles) one of my fastest runs and a treadmill in a hotel. Which is where I will extend a little after the table of results:

marathon training

During almost a decade of travelling for work, visiting multiple cities, airports, countries and hundreds of hotels, to keep on training it is tough. If you are lucky enough to not get caught with a redeye flight nor changing multiple time zones, which is challenging, you could keep using your regular training hours for. Now the trickiest part is sometimes you can't just hit the road from the hotel you are staying because of it's location and you have to hit their gym. Hotel gyms in general is not the best amenity around. I always check the gym when I check in, and then what it is available to run outside (weather and if the location permits). 

I am not a big fan of treadmills, but they do the job to keep on the training. Keep in mind when setting the treadmill, get at least a little bit of inclination and ramp up speed at least to your usual running speed. Since most of today's treadmills have motors, running is a little bit easier there, so you might find it easier to get faster. Heads up, keep your bottle of water and a towel, and keep the unit before and after use.

See you next week!

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