Marathon Training - Week 9 & 10 Summary

Marathon Training - Week 9 & 10 Summary

January 06, 2021

So, couple of great things happening during these two weeks and also apologize for the delay in the updates. Went for the holidays to Alaska, and got stuck due weather in Minneapolis... so I got a Airport-Hotel Christmas. Not a big deal, since I was there with my wife and we got lucky enough to get in a great hotel, with a good gym and treadmill.

So training was not interrupted that week, and after in Anchorage things were going pretty well. I have to say that the gear to run on 15 F (-10 C) is not that different besides the multiple layers and good gloves and beanie. The trickiest part is running with cleats in your soles for the ice, which is an interesting sensation on every stride. But also they do not cover the whole sole, so I ended up kissing the ice and sliding a couple of yards... The reason why you will find some static biking there and the skip actually I changed a little bit the schedule since the flight back was on Saturday and now chance to get the millage. I though I was going to be able to make it on Sunday, but the time difference didn't help.

marathon training


The cold was manageable after a couple of minutes, people say that training in different environments makes you stronger (still don't fill like Rocky Balboa), we'll see what happens on week 11.


Stay tuned! 

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