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On your marks, ready, set, go!

August 05, 2020

Standing in the street with a crowd of thousands, anxious and adrenaline to the roof, the loud sound of the gun shot marked the beginning of my first half marathon.

Excited to break my target of 2 hours, all the gear I got worked perfect: shoes, headphones, sunglasses, hydration belt… time to grab some fruit and the taste of victory with a cold Gatorade, wait for my friends to cross the line to celebrate together and take the corresponding pictures with the crew.

Probably one of the best days I will remember, I kept saying to myself while walking to my car. Open the door, took my sunglasses off and drop them to the seat and magically they bounced out to hit the curb. The biggest scratch in a single fall I have ever seen on my brand-new $200 dollars sunglasses, only lasted 1 hour and 59 minutes (per my watch).




I couldn’t help it, I kept thinking on those sunglasses all day long, blurring the taste of victory. How many people have gone through something similar? I want to change this feeling for me and for the millions of scratched sunglasses every year. I am not a designer, never picked up a sewing machine, and as my mom always said “you do not have a fine motor skills”… Challenge accepted!


Have you ever seen sunglasses straps? Something so simple can get so intricate, I spent about 12 months buying and testing dozens of straps. None was up to the challenge of protecting my sunglasses when I am not wearing them. Until something magical happened, my girlfriend at the time was wearing yoga pants and they rip apart. I just saw it, how the fabric rolled back, it was the answer I was looking for some time. So I cut the fabric and started to sew them back by hand, probably the worst work ever, but worked to move the idea to something. Next morning I got a sewing machine and started to learn how to sew… it is one of the most difficult things to do you can ever imagine.


It took another couple of months until I got the right fabric, and descent sewing skills until I got the first strap. Showed around to friends and family, tested it, and back to the board and to the sewing machine. At one point my friends asked me to launch it, they loved it! Well, time to get back to the board again and start working on the branding, labels, packaging and others.

Baggual launched the very first design on Kickstarter on April 21st 2020, successfully founded in 4 hours. We need to help more people around to globe!

The mission, simple, we are in a crusade to guide people on the best way to transport, protect and care of their gear for their adventures. We want you to focus on what matters the most and enjoy it.


Check out the promo video below

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