Marathon Training - 8th Week Review

Marathon Training - 8th Week Review

December 21, 2020

I can't be happier at this point with my training. I pushed a little bit on week 7 to run a half marathon, as well as this week. I cut down about 5 minutes the previous week to set a new PR, however this week I did it again... shaving a couple of more minutes and setting a new PR of 1:53:26 for a half marathon!

Also last week I added the post on how to select running socks. While hydration is a must and energy I would say necessary for the half marathon, those two together help a lot for this 2 hours and I can imagine the impact on a sub 4 hour marathon.

Many sites talk about the different brands, products, ingredients, etc. I am not a nutritionist, but keep in mind those two items while running a long distance and time. Personally, I would recommend to try different brands and flavors to your preference. Berries and vanilla, not my favorites, so sticking to apple and grape flavor for the hydration and for the energy gel, espresso just calls me.

Thanks for reading, and keep tuned for more news next week, and closer updates on my insta!


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