6th Week Review

6th Week Review

December 08, 2020

Hey there guys, thanks for reading and following my progress during my 18 weeks 1st Marathon training. 

So, the 6th week as a light week to rest a little for week 7 which will end with 12 miles run (1 mile short of a half marathon).

Probably the biggest comment I would make is, check for the traffic lights! it is interesting to see on a red light and pedestrians (aka runner) green light, drivers don't check both sides before moving forward. During the week I almost got hit by a school bus and 2 cars... even though I am checking every single time if they are looking at me, but also keep in mind to try to run behind the car. Even if you have the right to cross.

Going back to our marathon plan, weather is getting cooler and more and more gear is needed to keep running in the morning. For next week I am adding a Gaiter and trying some glasses (with yellow lenses), not 100% because the weather in Atlanta is that cold, but because I will be running in a colder climate later during my marathon training. And it is always good to test the new gear, especially when on the road.

About my long due running socks post, I am finishing it, so you should see an update any time now.

Also, on my insta I am uploading the info and pics after each training, and some times a little bit more.

See you soon!

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