Don't do this to your sunglasses

Don't do this to your sunglasses

August 08, 2020

If you had a favorite pair of sunglasses, then you know the pain to scratch them. To make the post we used multiple sources, with great information like Revant optics, Oakley, Wikihow and Fashionista, and did our best to compress it in the most common ideas on how to "remove" scratches from sunglasses.

We have seen and heard people finding mysterious ways to fix the scratches, we are not Myth busters here, but we will show a couple of those and make a comment on them. Some might sound interesting, and others definitively not to even consider. 
So, let's get this rollin'   

1.- Sandpaper:
Really? even though there are some companies offering products to "clean" optics for your vehicle, it is not the same for sunglasses. Sandpaper will completely destroy the clarity, refraction and protective coating of your lenses. Please don't try it.

2.- Baking Soda:
This one could be quite tricky, since we can find baking soda in multiple products we use in our home. But baking soda is an abrasive, and it will eventually wear down the lens to the point of "smoothing" the surface to level it with the scratch. In other words, we are destroying the lens. Believe me, it will not work.

3.- Toothpaste:
How many adds have we seen of toothpaste whitening and removing plaque from our tooth? One of the ingredients mostly used is baking soda (yup described before) and other abrasive elements to actually polish them. So my friends, toothpaste may leave a smooth finish, but also the scratches will be still visible, and you may end with a blurry spot. Without to mention that the lenses will be damaged. It will not take the scratch out of them.

4.- Car Wax or Furniture Spray:
This one I have seen it a lot, even in videos around the web. Simple answer, please do not use wax on your lenses. Wax may probably hide the scratch, with a big MAY. And even it may appear that you cleaned it perfectly, but there will still be wax on the lens. This will make the purpose of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes useless. Not the solution.

Why to fix instead of prevent scratches?
Many times we get the of course, that will be the best, but I lost my sunglasses case or it is to bulky to move it around. And the straps and retainers are only to prevent them to fall. All of those are correct, but what if there is a Sunglass Strap that transforms in a case? 
Check out Baggual's Glasskin strap-case

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