4th Week Summary

4th Week Summary

November 26, 2020

It took me a little bit to write the summary of this week, but coming back to the standard schedule.

Finishing the 4th week of training with the first 10 mile run, was perfect. Great pace, around my goal of the race pace. But also quite close to the goal of sub 4-hour Marathon.

After years of running, one of the most important products to have is the anti-chafe balm. I haven't have any issues so far with chafing, but running with multiple layers of clothing and the hydration belt, please keep in mind to have the balm. That way you can have an enjoyable long run.

Running socks... I can tell the difference between the regular cotton socks and running ones, but definitively I plan to go a little bit deeper into this in future posts.

Going back to business, and keeping me accountable here we go with the report:

baggual running

As you can see 8:44 min per mile for the 10 miles run, and extrapolating it to the actual Marathon, I will be close to 4:10 hours for the race. Still at 4th week it is something to keep in mind to work on the speed.

Stay tuned, next week will be thanksgiving, just keep an eye on your diet.

Cheers and happy runs!


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