3rd week done!

3rd week done!

November 16, 2020

It has been an interesting week, starting on Tuesday with a warm humid day and ending with a chilly windy one... well it is fall here in Atlanta. 

In addition my good friend Barbara sent me as a gift Marathon - The Ultimate Training Guide book from Hal Higdon, to complement my program. Honestly it is a great reading for first time marathon runners. Lots of things to remember when training.

3rd week marathon training

Overall, seems like I am in a good shape to aim for the sub 4 hours marathon (9:00 min per mile). 

Even though I have been running for quite some time, there are always new things that you learn in the road. Time to connect with yourself, plus also it has been a great time to listen to podcasts.

Every day getting closer to winter, means to add more and more clothing, but in addition I have been drinking less water. So another important thing that I need to keep track to.

Stay tuned, and more updates coming daily on my insta!

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