2nd week summary

2nd week summary

November 09, 2020

Second week...

Quite consistent on my 5K runs pace, and pushing for improving it. Even though it has been a little bit chilly. 

So far, it has been a fun ride, enjoying the early morning run before work. 

One of the things I have been discussing with some friends is hydration, when it is cold it is not that much water I drink. But I always get at least 1 glass of water before my run. But I have been consistently run with my 42 oz total (4 bottles) of water, even if it is a short run. I have been thinking it is good to get used to carry that extra weight and get used to it... I will review some info here for my next post. 

In my instagram account I am posting the results of my run, and it awesome to get feedback, cheers and interacting with people, learning everyday a little more.


Keep tuned!


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